Patrick Roeder is a Game Developer who is currently the Lead Instructor of the Simulations and Game Development program at Blue Ridge Community College near Hendersonville, NC.  There he teaches everything from 3d Modeling to Programming to Game/Level Design to Rigging to Animation to Serious Games.

   Patrick attended Presbyterian College, located in Clinton, South Carolina where he originally majored in Computer Science, but found that the Visual Arts held his passion. Patrick combined both disciplines by concentrating in 3D computer animation. As a result, he received a minor in computer science and a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Visual Arts in the spring of 2007. He then attended Clemson University's Digital Production Arts MFA program, and graduated in May 2012. During his time at Clemson, he filled many lead positions in production environments for both Pre-Rendered and Real Time projects.

   Since Graduation, he has worked three vastly different jobs inside the Interactive Media Paradigm.

   He was an adjunct instructor at Western Piedmont Community College in Morganton, NC.  Each semester he taught a full class load involving such disciplines as Modeling, Texturing, Animation, Rigging, Compositing, and Group Based Production.

   Patrick was also the the Art Director at Digital Roar Studios an pendant video game studio that was comprised of artists and programmers from across the country.  He joined Digital Roar in April of 2010 as a 3d artist, and graduated to the directors seat a year and a half later.  His duties included managing a small art team, co-authoring the art design with the creative director, managed art assets, produced art assets, and maintained documentation of the team's progress.

   He has also worked at IVC Greenville, located in Greenville, SC.  He was the simulation designer and lead artist for a studio that specializes in virtual reality systems and interactive simulations for various industries.  He developed workflows that integrate a client's engineering or architectural files with a various hardware platforms to create immersive, virtual worlds.

   He has presented previously at the Southern Interactive Entertainment & Game Expo (SIEGE) in Atlanta, GA on a discussion panel for Game Engines.  He has also presented in Raleigh, NC at the East Coast Game Conference (ECGC) discussing his production methods for his Master's Thesis.


  1. I must say that i am not very good with words or writing or anything that has to do with art, But you sir are totally a reason for me to want to pursue my passion even more for computers and gaming. Ive am not fortunate enough to be able to go to college and support my family at the same time, But reading the accomplishments you've achieved and have done make me want to pursue my dream even more of being a game designer. And the mod is freaking awesome dude. Keep it coming.

    1. I appreciate your story! If I were you, I would start by Downloading Unity 5 and going through all the tutorials on there. Any Designer worth their salt know how to program so they can prototype out their design ideas.

  2. This was the tipping point to make me buy doom